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Factory Ⅰ


Jiangsu ESONE New Material Co.,Ltd

Gugao Road, Agricultural Products Processing Zone, Taixing, Jiangsu, China

Tel: 86-523—87590206

Email: sales@esone.com


Factory Ⅱ


Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics.Co.,Ltd

Western End of South Third Ring Road, Taixing, Jiangsu,China

Tel: 86-523—80721510

Fax: 86-523-87593398

Mobile:  86-13901437262

Email: sales@esone.com


Contact Info

Western end of south third ring road, Taixing, Jiangsu, China

Phone: +86 523 80721510

Mobile: +86 13901437262

Fax: +86 523 87593398

Web: PTFE Fabrics

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