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PTFE Cast Film Laminated Fabrics

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PTFE Cast Film Laminated Fabrics

ESONE® ESLAM series is multi-layer PTFE cast film laminated glass fabric. The surface of ESLAM series is crack free and pinhole free, which prevents oil and fat penetration to substrate, and is outstanding resistant to bacteria contamination.

ESLAM are increasingly replacing traditional PTFE coated fabric since the better performance in release property, oil resistant property, glossy surface, easy to clean property, mechanical strength and others。 ESONE ESLAM PTFE film laminated belts is widely used for contacting grill machines(such as Formcook, Berief and CFS Twingrill), chemical industry, aerospace industry and so on。

PTFE Cast Film Laminated Fabrics

Properties of PTFE Cast Film Laminated Fabrics

  • Pinhole and crack free surface
  • Long lasting release
  • prevent oil penetration
  • very easy to clean
  • strong chemical resistance
  • excellent mechanical strength

Technical Data Sheet of PTFE casting film laminated fabric

ProductProduct CategoryCoating
PTFE Cast Film Laminated Fabrics Series
StyleStandard Width(mm)  
Please ask for other widths
PTFE Content(%)Tensile Strength Warp/Fill
ESLAM RR10-ESONE10000.11Red / Red20076163 / 155
ESLAM RR15-ESONE10000.16Red / Red32067285 / 270
ESLAM RB18-ESONE10000.20Red / Blue40073295 / 280
ESLAM RR25-ESONE12000.25Red / Red50058610 / 583
ESLAM RS30-ESONE700, 12000.30Red / Black60067485 / 468
ESLAM RB30-ESONE700, 12000.30Red / Blue60067485 / 468
ESLAM TT30-ESONE10000.30Tan / Tan65069540 / 526
ESLAM RB40-ESONE12000.43Red / Blue88066655 / 635
ESLAM RB50-ESONE12000.54Red / Blue107062870 / 852

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