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PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket

//PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket
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PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket

PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket is made with fluoropolymer coated glass fabrics, is designed for removable insulation jackets / covers / blankets, this fabric is UV, chemical and flame resistant, has high tensile strength and can resist heat to 600F.

Comparing to silicone fabric, PTFE fabric can resist higher temperature to 600F, has stronger chemical resistance & anti-environmental property, and has self-cleaning surface.

ESONE is offering following spec.

  • Width: Maximum 1500mm, other width such as 1000mm is available
  • Weight: 16.5 oz/yd², 18 oz/yd², 34 oz/yd² and others
  • Property: Can be made with Anti-static
  PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket 
StyleCoatingStandard Width(mm)
Please ask for other widths
ColorWeight (oz/yd²)Working Temperature
YS9038HD-ESONEOne side1500Gray/White/Yellow16.5 (560 g/m²)-73 to +315 °C
YS9038HS-ESONEOne side1500Black Anti-static16.5 (560 g/m²)-73 to +315 °C
YS9040HD-ESONEBoth sides1500Gray/White/Yellow18 (650 g/m²)-73 to +315 °C
YS9086HD-ESONEOne side1500Gray/White/Yellow34 (1150 g/m²)-73 to +315 °C

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